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Fast-set Plural component Equipments
Reactor H-40 and H-XP3
Whether you’re spraying foam or polyurea, the Graco Reactor H-40 and H-XP3 let you get the big jobs done faster and better. Its hybrid heater design heats material quickly and maintains temperature set points - so you can spray at maximum flow rates with optimum results.
More output and better performance for high volume applications
Features and Benefits
Powerful 20kW hybrid heater design provides more efficient heat transfer to the A and B materials
Revolutionary new electronic platform - Circuit board is divided into easy-to-replace modules that simplify troubleshooting and maintenance, and reduce downtime
Provides pressure and temperature control for accuracy in spraying
Reactor H-40 sprays up to 45 lbs/min (20 mkg/min)
Reactor H-XP3 sprays up to 2.8 gpm (10.6 lpm)
New lightweight hydraulics are only a fraction of standard hydraulic units
Circulation Valves - redesigned to prevent failures associated with isocyanate crystallization
Horizontal pump design provides smoother performance, extends seal life by 10 times, eliminates pump leaks, and simplified
Troubleshooting Y-Strainer - Analog temperature and pressure gauges are standard
Electronic Platform simplifies troubleshooting and greatly reduces downtime
High-volume roofing
High-volume residential insulation
High-volume inplant OEM
High-output coating applications
Key Applications
Key Materials
Polyurea coatings
Polyurethane coatings
Adhesives and caulks
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