AUS has proven formulation capability with over the 25 years experience supplying the polyurethane industry in Australasia and export customers. This capability has resulted in long associations with these customers and reflects our ability to develop polyurethane systems that exceed our customers' expectations and technical requirements.

In 2006/2007 we licensed the technology for a "third generation" foam blowing agent -
ecomate - from FOAM SUPPLIES,INC. This has resulted in our AUSTHANE Foam Systems meeting the environmental requirements of the Montreal and Kyoto protocols - Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and non Global Warming Potential.
Product Range
Spray Foam Systems
Rigid Foam Systems
Thermal insulation cold & hot /marine buoyancy/ void filling/ block / structural /moulding grades
Single and two component panel types / machine and manual application
Wide density range / formulations for specific part moulding applications
Integral Skin Systems
RIM / Structural
Formulations for specific moulding applications
Flexible / Cushion
Wide density range / fire resistant grades / specific application types
Cold cure MDI product range
Associated Products
Mould release agents / polyurethane solvents
Foam Products
Touch and Seal packaged foam systems
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Thermal insulation / wide density range / fire resistant grades / flexible grades
Adhesives & Binders