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Fast-set Plural component Equipments
Graco Fast-Set
Plural-Component Equipment
Whether you're spraying polyurethane foam insulation in a home, commercial building or rooftop, or applying polyurea to coat a bedliner or to protect any other substrate,  GRACO® Plural-Component Proportioner Systems help you get the job done with superior results.
You'll discover that GRACO equipment is easy to use, rugged, reliable and easy to maintain.
From entry level models to high-output systems, there is a GRACO® Plural-Component Proportioning System that's ideal for your application.
GRACO® technology and innovation have resulted in increased productivity and reduced operating costs
Australian Urethane Systems is agent for Australia and New Zealand for GRACO. Genuine GRACO® spare parts, full service & technical support is also available from AUS.
See the video of GRACO Reactor and Fusion Gun in action
Advanced Polyurethane Equipment
SAIP have 20 years experience in the manufacture of polyurethane processing equipment, the highly skilled engineering team are flexible and fast to respond.
Tailor made solutions to meet production requirements are available for both high and low pressure equipment.
AUS is agent for Australia and New Zealand a range of polyurethane dispensing equipment produced by SAIP Advanced Polyurethane Equipment. SAIP is a leading manufacturer of factory based high and low pressure polyurethane processing, dispensing machines and process lines as well as other specialised tailor-made equipments for the production of polyurethanes.
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