A better solution for Ozone depletion and the environment
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AUS recognizes the serious challenges facing the environment and is committed to improving the environmental performance of our products. As evidenced by the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols there are growing concerns over global warming, greenhouse gases and ozone depletion. Finding suitable alternatives for blowing agent HCFC-141b was challenging, as suitable candidates that have zero ozone depleting potential can contribute to global warming. That's why AUS has committed to use and supply a new generation of blowing agent that not only does not have any impact on the ozone layer but also does not contribute to global warming. It has also been VOC exempted by EPA in the USA as a volatile organic compound commonly known as SMOG.
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ODP = Ozone depletion potential
GWP = Global warming potential
VOC = Volatile organic compounds
            that causes SMOG
After the blowing agent HCFC-141b phase-out deadline, companies pursued alternatives such as HFC-134a, HFC-245fa. The industry began thinking about their global warming potential (GWP), particularly in certain regions, such as Europe, where hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are under increasing scrutiny. (see the report)  "First appearance and rapid growth of anthropogenic HFC-245fa (CHF2CH2CF3) in the atmosphere"
Ecomate systems are now being used by polyurethane manufacturers who want their products to be greener. Among them is Franke Foodservice Equipment. Franke is the main supplier of "turn-key" systems to McDonald's and manufacture commercial kitchen equipments such as slide-in refrigerators, fryers, and food preparation carts etc.

Pictures below are examples of         McDonald's equipment that Franke manufacture utilizing Ecomate systems.

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First appearance and rapid growth of anthropogenic HFC-245fa (CHF2CH2CF3) in the atmosphere.
2008 presentation " Ecomate- an Environmentally Benign Foam Blowing Agent.
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Zero-ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
Non-GWP (Global Warming Potential)
Kyoto Protocol Compliant
Montreal Protocol Compliant
Thermally Efficient
Cost competitive and safe application
Meets current regulatory and environmental mandates
VOC-Exempt (Volatile Organic Compound commonly known as SMOG. USA)
Urethane systems made with ecomate® accepted worldwide
EPA / SNAP Approved (USA)
Minimal or no equipment, plant/facility or production changes
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2006 Presentation "Ecomate - A Revolutionary yet Economical New Blowing Agent"
2008 Presentation "A Comparison of the Physical Properties [and their causative factors] of Froth vs. Pour Foams"
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Factors contributing to k-factor optimization with ecomate® blown foams
Ecomate® - a multi-faceted Blowing Agent
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